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Working to develop the infrastructure needed for a successful industry


Building more safe, carbon neutral fiber, medicine, and industrial product

Holistic Health

developing a new way to help patients achieve  population Health


To work and collaborate on technological innovation to improve care delivery


Dr. Sharma is the founder of a small group on investors looking for safe and lucrative holdings in the cannabis space. This space is full of interesting parties. With the right set up, this industry can be quite adventurous and fun. COme joining us pave the way and develop a safe and healthy cannabis community and a market for years to come


Here at Green Lotus the focus is on researching and developing the necessary components of the cannabis industry. From grow to security needs the industry is growing. The need for low cost reliable solutions is a must. 

Our Attorneys will vet proposals to find areas that need to be addressed and will put together options that will be of sound business and legal sense.

With our flexible investment levels we hope you achieve the financial freedom you desire. We will help you get there. 

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